TaDa Gaming

Pixelo and TaDa Gaming: a revolutionary partnership!

The Fishing Games arrive in Italy!

Pixelo and TaDa Gaming together and exclusively to bring a breath of fresh air to the Italian market with Fishing Games, a true revolution in entertainment.

What are fishing games?
Forget the classic rotating slot machines: in Fishing Games the player becomes the protagonist, holding a virtual fishing rod or a net to catch sea creatures and win fantastic prizes.

A unique and engaging gaming experience:

  • Revolutionary gameplay: skill and strategy come together in a gaming experience never seen before.
  • Real-time multiplayer: challenge other players and compete for victory in an adrenaline-filled environment.
  • Spectacular graphics: immerse yourself in a fantastic and detailed marine world.

Mega Fishing: the flagship of the partnership

Among the Fishing Games available, Mega Fishing stands out, a title full of exclusive features:

  • Special creatures with extra rewards.
  • Challenge the Mega Octopus to win up to 950x your bet.
  • Guaranteed fun for all tastes.

A union marked by success

The common goal of Pixelo and TaDa Gaming is to offer Italian players a unique and engaging gaming experience. The combination of innovation, excellence and fun will ensure the success of this partnership.

Pixelo, exclusively for Italy, will offer these games to its customers and to anyone who wants to integrate them into their gaming system.