Responsive website

The website is the heart of the business for every Gaming Operator, a complete "turnkey" web portal with an entirely customized logo and graphic design that allows full use on either a desktop PC or on mobile devices.

A single site for Sports betting and many games that can be integrated are offered to our PREMIUM Partners:

  • Video Slots and Live Casino Games
  • Multiplayer Card and Poker Games
  • Betting on horse racing and virtual events
  • Lotto Games and Scratch & Win
  • Football pools
  • Bingos

Regarding the management feature, this platform offers the possibility of applying further customizations, including the addition of promotional content and branded banners.

Gaming accounts

Through the Ilowawa, panel, the homepages of the websites, the banners, sliders, casino structure, as well as the positioning of the site on the main search engines can be managed completely independently via the SEO tools.

The main functions:

  • End user management functions - PVR - commercial
  • End user accounting reports - PVR - commercial
  • Deposit functions
  • Withdrawal functions
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Leaderboards

Premium accounts

The Bookmanager, a real-time commission system, features PREMIUM Profiles, which allow you to enter various parameters, filters, and routes for each business user:

  • Customized profiles by service
  • Personalized profiles by type of credit (weekly - monthly)
  • Personalized profiles with recalculation bonus
  • Cobanco profiles
  • Profile cloning

Available PREMIUM filters:

  • Profit
  • Volume
  • Ticket
  • Rating
  • Live/Prematch
  • Odds
  • Events
  • Media Tickets
  • Daily win Bonus
  • Periodic win bonus
  • Twins
  • Type played


The PREMIUM Platform includes the ability, through special filters, to set personalized commission calculation criteria, cross-referenced with a system that provides for 70 types of calculations. This allows for in-depth control of the commission profiles, in order to have real control of the commission situation.

Sports and advanced risk management tools


It is designed to attract the most demanding players thanks to the advanced features offered for sports betting, particularly dedicated to pre-match and live events.

The PREMIUM version of the platform provides the possibility for players to take advantage of:

  • high-level streaming of sporting events such as the German Bundesliga or the Italian Lega Pro
  • brand new version of Cash-Out, pre-match and live.

The widgets on the website make placing bets even easier and more enjoyable. In fact, the events coupon is specifically designed to offer players the ability to enter odds and place tickets at maximum speed.

In the PREMIUM version, the platform, which already has a wide range of sports on offer, is available as a multi-feed version with the best market shares and is updated daily with new sporting events and new game classes.


The more experienced Operators can cut the odds offers that best suit their needs, thanks to the sportsbook margins customization tools, in order to be able to intervene in entire events, and also on individual events and game classes. Furthermore, it is also possible to customize for a single commercial network. Through customizable templates, the Operator can manage each event and every individual game class to be made available to the players.


Through the WBM tool for risk management, profiles can be created both for end users and for gaming networks, in order to manage the evaluation of sports bets, based on multiple criteria that can be preset separately for pre-match and live events and to analyze real-time exposure.

The PREMIUM Platform features the ability to identify tickets that comply with the set parameters, personalizing them with special captions for individual end-users, assigning a color identifying the risk note on the ticket, and choosing whether to make counter-proposals with changes in the amount or odds of individual events played. It also allows the further option of being able to make use of our direct and competent consultancy and management, both for acceptance/quotations and risk.


Using the appropriate form, the Operator can monitor the progress of risk management and sports played in just a few clicks.
The tool allows you to:

  • View acceptance performance by checking the rating trend for each individual risk operator
  • Check the statistics of the game by comparing them over different periods and also over different network levels, starting from the concession up to the individual end-users
  • Check the statistics of the games played based on the events and divided by single game class
  • Follow the progress of the game played and logins hour by hour


It is a service aimed at encouraging competitive games called Races - competitions in which players are encouraged to challenge each other and the best players are rewarded.

The back-office tool allows you to individually manage all the Races, whether in progress or completed, by way of a list that allows you to enter the details of each competition.

It is possible to enable the Races for multiple commercial networks, decide which suppliers, game categories, games, and devices can participate, evaluate and set the coefficients for calculating the ranking and decide the Banner image to be associated with the competition. Furthermore, it is possible to check the rankings in real-time via the back office on the appropriate page. The competition prize takes the form of a credit or a real or fun bonus for the service provided.

Premium bonus

The PREMIUM version of the platform offers two types of advanced bonuses:


Slow-BoBonus or "Slow-Release Bonus" is an additional function to the STANDARD BoBonus. Following the activation of this function on promotion, the bonus release can be applied through a virtual purse, from which the real bonus is gradually paid into the account statement.

As the gaming account plays with the qualifying balance, the system gradually transforms the virtual bonus into a real bonus allowing the evolution of the bonus using the "bonus thermometer" indicator to be viewed through a graphic interface.

Upon reaching the level for unlocking the first section, this is credited to the account statement and can be spent on the service indicated by the promotion. In the case of a sports bonus, this can be used according to the qualifying rules described in the spending section of the promotion.In the case of a third-party bonus, it can only be used once and, if you win, it can be withdrawn immediately.


The CashOut-BoBonus is an additional function to the STANDARD BoBonus, which can be provided both on the sports service and on third-party services.

It is the services themselves that convey which tickets are played from the gaming account that is eligible for this type of promotion and also provide the payment of the accrued bonus.

If the service is active in Sports, the bonus can be used by following the promotion’s spending rules.

If the service which it is active is from a third-party, the bonus can also be played only once, in case of winning, it can be withdrawn immediately.

The "Cash-Out" dispensing option allows you to configure the most suitable qualifying rule and the closure of a predefined number of tickets.It is possible to create a qualifying rule by combining various parameters made available by the system, disbursing a bonus according to a variable cost range between profit played and won.

Players who are to benefit from the promotion enabled in their network and have the automatic membership option enabled will find it activated automatically.

Campaign management

The CRM tool for campaign management is the added value of the gaming platform. It is a tool that allows you to create promotional campaigns aimed at retaining the best players and monitoring their results.

The main strengths:

  • The ability to schedule and delay the sending of campaigns
  • Choice of target users, through highly customizable profiles
  • Sending campaigns via e-mail, SMS and Telegram
  • The sending statistic summaries, based on geographical area

Mobile app

The PREMIUM platform offers the Mobile App, developed for both Android devices and IOS systems, which allows you to have all the games on offer at your fingertips.

Its graphic design is can be entirely customized and, thanks to updates released periodically, players can constantly benefit from all the latest features released, which can be enjoyed both via the platform and via the website.

Third-party supplier integration hub

Through the integration of Hub Games on the platform, a "showcase" panel of the various games/services is made available which allows the management of the various third-party suppliers through a single tool.

The applied technology makes dialogue with the various game providers possible in a single context.

Thanks to this, we can host external services within the platform, fully respecting the characteristics and technologies of the supplier.

The integration of new game suppliers takes place quickly, as it is structured to be 70% pre-prepared for this situation.

Within Hub Games, there is effective control systems in order to monitor and prevent any blocks.

AI applied to Marketing

The PREMIUM platform offers the most advanced artificial intelligence tools applied to marketing, which allows you to create both features and applications in order to offer players a first-class gaming experience.

With AI it is possible to acquire information through the players’ usage of the various tools available on the platform, such as preferred payment methods, the most liked and most played casino games, and anything else that could be useful for devising the correct marketing strategies for campaigns and promotions. Finally, it is possible to have automatic messaging functions with multi-channel notifications, both for internal use and for players.

Totem integration for PVR

The PREMIUM platform offers software for self-service machines that allows the operator to install third-party TOTEMs in the PVRs of their network.

The integration software communicates with the TOTEM software and any third-party service providers in a completely automated manner and in compliance with the rules regarding the traceability of flows, thus allowing:

  • Account opening
  • Issue of the scratch card for balance deposit to the gaming account
  • Issue of the scratch card for balance withdrawal from the gaming account
  • Anonymous scratch card issue
  • Purchase of telephone top-ups
  • Payment of bills


The PREMIUM platform provides the Gaming Operator with the ability to consult and export detailed Reports.

The types of available reports:

  • Parent Changes
  • Network changes
  • Adjustment of reports
  • Financial balance
  • Status change of bulk accounts
  • Status change of dormant accounts
  • List of accounts registered by an external partner
  • Anonymous scratch cards
  • Slots played per device
  • GGR sports&casino